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Sticks and Stocks only - The BEST value in piping!

Sticks and Stocks only - The BEST value in piping!

Let me paint you a picture... 


So there you are, standing in the rain with your Silver and Ivory Antique MacSoandSo's made back when baby seal skin was used for napkins. The maker passed away before your Grandfather was in diapers (who incidentally handed these down to your father, and he to you.) You have to carry CITES paperwork because they're an heirloom, and you will NOT have them confiscated because they have Elephant Ivory mounts, Endangered African Blackwood, and that one-of-a-kind Tyrannosaurus Toenail Mouthpiece. They don't make them like this anymore! They're a work of art.




You ask yourself that question as you notice the daintiest, wispiest, faintest hairline on the shoulder of the Bass Drone Middle Section. You look a little closer... you brush it away, but it doesn't brush away. You panic and look around thinking you're dreaming. "Nah, I'm just imagining things." Everyone laughs and has a good pint while gazing with pride at the new Band Trophy. You jump in the car after packing up at the end of a LOOOOOOONG Highland Games day. The heat in the car feels good. You get home, and you take the pipes out of their $250 Bagpipe branded dufflebag and place them lovingly on the table in your practice room. That's funny... A big black zip tie somehow got stuck to side of your Bass Drone Middle section... Wait.... WHAT?!??!! Your neighbor bursts through your door because, judging by the screams, someone is being murdered in your home, and he's a REALLY big guy with a lot of sweet guns. Confused, he wonders why 1. No one is being murdered, but clearly a woman was screaming in your house. And 2. Why you're curled up in the fetal position spooning your dad's old bagpipe. 


Yep. Because you brought your $7000 Silver and Ivory set of Antique MacSoandSo's with the one of a kind Tyrannosaurus Toenail Mouthpiece to a RAINY AND COLD GAMES AND PLAYED THEM ALL DAY AND JUMPED INTO A NICE WARM CAR.... There's a crack the size of the San Andreas in your...wait for it...Bass Drone Middle Section! Your dad is going to twirl. Your grandfather is going to haunt you in a really inappropriate way. And your neighbor won't stop giggling and trying to show you his latest AR-15 build.


Don't be that guy. Protect that family hairloom. Let my pipes be your "Stunt Pipes". They sound great and are hands down the best value in piping today. Period. Don't listen to "Gail Dunning-Kruger". Gail needs to practice. 


Ahhhhh.... That was... Cleansing, no? So, I hope you were entertained. Hear me now, and stop giggling. 


  • The Sticks and Stocks only are NOT recommended for beginners without the aid and experience of an instructor ready to hand. You will need to know how to tie in a bag, how to set up your reeds and balance them out, as well as hemp all the joints properly and tie in cords. 
  • This product is STRONGLY recommended for Players who know what sound they like, have a preferred bag, Chanter, reeds, etc. 
  • Think of it like your Kitplane. The basic structure is there, but YOU need to pick your engine, your panel, and whether or not to mount the accelerometer (G-meter) where the backseater can see it! 


Here's what you get:

  •  1 Bass Drone and Stock
  •  2 Tenor Drones and Stocks
  •  1 Chanter Stock
  •  1 Threaded Blowpipe/Mouthpiece and Stock


And they are:


Military Regulation/Fully mounted in Imitation Ivory: 

  • Ferrules
  • Ring Caps and Bushings
  • Projecting Mounts
  • Mouthpiece


*If you have any special requests, be sure to include a note when you place your order so I can accommodate. Custom colors are a blast, so be sure to let me know what you have in mind, or if you have exact colors in mind, let me know what they are.


For custom colors, the only requirements are:

  1. PLA/PLA+
  2. 1.75mm diameter
  3. NO recycled filament (it can contain other materials and as such can offgas fumes that will make me sillier than 5 shots of tequila, NO thank you!)
  4. NOTHING from Paramount. Great colors. REALLY nice folks. Quality control not satisfactory.


So? What are you waiting for? You know what you want. You know what you like. You have an heirloom instrument that you want to protect. Let's get you covered. 


Don't let your bagpipes explode. That's what happens in Japan. Ask Eli!




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