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THE best value for Beginners. Ready to play out of the box!

THE best value for Beginners. Ready to play out of the box!

This is it! Ready to play, everything you need, tied in and SINGING!


Because without beginners and newcomers, our community will die, I've LOWERED THE PRICE, and brought some AMAZING new options for reeds and bags! 


This is The BEST value in Highland Bagpipes. Full stop. And what's more, that price is for a ready to play set of pipes thats equipped with some top shelf stuff, like Balance Tone Drone reeds as standard! Bruce Hitchings really hit a home run with those babies. Nice and bright, with rich undertones and, when combined with Delta Bagpipes, stability and steadiness second to none. 


This is no joke. No bait and switch. That price - IS THE PRICE for a PREMIUM sound, with a PREMIUM look, made BY a Pro Piper FOR pipers up and coming, or for pipers who know how to play but don't have a big bankroll, or BOTH!




Delta Bagpipes: Where's the Wood? (Thanks Marc!)


If you're new to piping, or you're looking to set up a new student, give someone a gift, etc., These are for you!


Stunt Pipes, Second Pipes, Student Pipes, or Silly pipes, they sound awesome, they look great, and the won't break the bank. 


Delta Bagpipes: Cheap bagpipes that Don't Suck! (Thanks Roberta!) *suddenly this one feels slightly... insulting. no? They're AFFORDABLE bagpipes that don't suck. but even still.... How about Affordable bagpipes that'll blow you away!


Here's what you get, updated and bringing in NEW AWESOME OPTIONS!!!!


  • 3d Printed Sticks and Stocks
  • Black Silk Cords for your drones
  • Synthetic Pipe Bag with zipper
  • One of my very own Delta Bagpipes Pipe Chanters
  • A Melvin Easy/Medium Pipe Chanter Reed
  • Balance Tone Drone Reeds as STANDARD!!!!!
  • Bad azz blowpipe valve
  • Black Bag cover 
  • cords and bag covers can be different colors, but PLEASE make sure to send me a note and get an acknowledgement so I don't forget and disappoint you!


I will personally tie in your bagpipe stocks, hemp the pipes, and set up your reeds. Once I've set up your instrument, I'll then disinfect and sanitize it. If other dealers aren't doing this - THEY SHOULD BE! 


I then carefully pack them up in a double thick cardboard box with entirely too much bubblewrap for maximum protection against the Soccer tournament that is the United States Postal Service. I even throw in a sticker or two! Tell your friends, kids! Now, when you get your pipes, drop me a line! Let me know they arrived in good shape. I'll be here to help you with any questions you have. 


That's the difference between me and some other "distributors". I'm here to build relationships and foster the next generation of players. I'm working my tail off so there's an affordable way for EVERYONE to have a premium sound. I want to hear about your journey! I want to hear about your first competition. I want to hear you try and describe the fairy pipers*. I want to hear about the goosebumps you had when you marched out with your very first ever massed bands. Jimmy Doohan was at mine. No kidding. Scotty himself was the Guest of Honor at my very first Highland Games. Go Me. 


Ok, I got a little emotional there. Sorry.


Anyway, and this is really important, so zoom in here: You are not just a paycheck. You are a future prizewinner, Pipe Major, Teacher, Piper of the Day. If my instrument gets to be even a small part of that success, THAT IS A PRIVILEGE and for that I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Sniffle. Sniffle. There it is again.




Damnit, the wife has the Titanic Soundtrack going in the background! No Wonder! ROSE! SCOOT OVER!! THERE'S ROOM FOR YOU BOTH!!!!


*The fairy pipers are a phenomenon that many describe as occurring at the end of a long day at a highland games/piping competition. After 10-12 hours of non-stop bagpipes, the sudden absence of their sound, and sudden onset of [relative] silence often causes one's mind to "replace" the sound, or "fabricate" the sound of dozens of pipers playing a dancing note, faint but clear, and unmistakably similar to the sound of the pipes. However as soon as one focuses on it, it vanishes. No idea what I'm talking about? You will. 


Some people call it Tinnitus. 



Delta Bagpipes: For those who want more for less! (Thanks Bart!)




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