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Delta Sticks and Stocks with Threaded Tuning Pins!

Delta Sticks and Stocks with Threaded Tuning Pins!

Fully mounted in Imitation Ivory: 


Ring Caps and Bushings

Projecting Mounts



"Sticks and Stocks" - Here's what you get:

- 1 Bass Drone and Stock (Featuring a threaded tuning pin for the Bass Middle Section!)

- 2 Tenor Drones and Stocks (Both with threaded tuning pins!)

- 1 Chanter Stock

- 1 Threaded Blowpipe/Mouthpiece and Stock


Why threaded tuning pins? You see, sometimes us pipers want to tune to Concert A-440, or a true B-flat,  but our drones won't generally tune that low in pitch. So what we have to do is put drone extenders in (which means fiddling with your reeds), or a drone plug on top to make it tune flatter, and I say LAME!!! That ruins the aesthetic of the drone, you risk damaging the reed by dropping it into the bag, or you may end up with unstable tuning. NO WAY MAN! Now you don't have to!


An industry first, by threading the tuning pins, you have the option of swapping them out for longer ones (which are included) to facilitate tuning to B-flat proper, or A-440! You can also make one of your Tenor drones a Baritone drone if you're feeling froggy! But let's be honest, that last one is very risky, and may result in the universe collapsing in on itself due to division by zero. 


You'll need to add a few things to complete your set of pipes. I also offer a complete kit that includes everything you'll need, or Ready-to-play with everything set up and...well... ready to SING!


*When ordering your pipes, remember that while the blowpipe is available in only 2 sizes, each of those sizes is very easily fine-tuned for fitting at home. Excess length is very easily trimmed from the mouthpiece.  As a rule of thumb, if you're under 6', order the short blowpipe. If you're over 6', order the long blowpipe. 


** If you are selecting custom colors (which is a LOT of fun for me!  Different is good, people!) Select the option "Custom color for the Wood", The Mounts, or both, and place your order. Be sure to tell me what color or colors you want in the notes section! Or, you can send me a separate email. 



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