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R-0 Blowpipe Valve

R-0 Blowpipe Valve

Here it is, folks!


One day, as I was putting together a set of pipes for one of my patented AWESOME customers, I couldn't find any of those "rubber clack" type valves, and so, with the help of my first Piping Teacher and Spirit Guide Charlie, we thought this beauty up! If you ever see or hear me talking to myself, I'm conferring with Charlie about another awesome product idea. I do not require medication. 


Back in the day (which was a Wednesday), we used to call the leather blowpipe valves (yes, they were leather on that Wednesday back then) a "clack". Well, that's what Charlie called them. And Charlie was there in the beginning. Charlie was awesome! 


Anyway, I sat down, channeled Charlie, and asked him what would be THE best valve I could put together for the Great Highland Bagpipe, and this is what he and I got figured out! 


Included with your purchase is a Combed and Beaded Great Highland Bagpipe Stock for the Blowpipe. This stock is special for several reasons. First - unlike traditional stocks for the GHB, this one is optimized for modern bags, with collars and without. You'll notice that the stock has a gentle curve that will "lean into" the collars of a modern bag. It'll also provide a nice bite for a traditionally tied in bag. You'll see the bottom has a funny profile, one you've not seen before (except in the pictures you see above!), and THAT is where the TPU cap clicks right on and supports the flexible flap that provides as near to a perfect seal as can be acheived in the field. It won't let you down!


Of course, you'll need to let me know what color to make your mount, and if I can't match it exactly, then we'll figure out a creative solution - matching the wood, maybe a cool color combo that means the world to you? There are several different makers of Imitation Ivory, so I doubt that we can't find YOUR color! If you've got a combing pattern different than what you see, you just take a picture and I'll match it! Custom patterns are a bit more expensive, but it's a pittance compared to the benefit ZERO RESTRICTION has for your playing!


What can I say? This is the valve you've always wanted. You wanted it, but you didn't know how, or who to ask! Well, here it is! Offered from! Get yours before you miss out and other makers start copying me! It's already happening, trust me. 


Now a word about Moisture Control Systems. This valve is compatible with MANY of the offerings on the market. The only ones it's NOT compatible with are the ones that require you to insert a tube into the bottom of your blowpipe stock. But those don't work that well, and are really going after the wrong philosophy. Oh? You don't agree? Let me paint you a picture...


Bottle Trap:

Your Pipes settled in and started singing like the Angels after about 20 minutes of playing. Then, you got a solid 35 minutes of tone that was as good as could be got. Then, after that 35 minutes your bass drone started to get a little fussy. Then your Top hand gets sharper at 40 minutes. Then your Tenors get fussy at 44 minutes. Then, because you pulled your reed out to flatten your top hand, your whole bottom hand went... i hate to say it... PAKISTANI!


What you have just read about and cringed over is a phenomenon that, until now, hasn't had a name, but will now be given the Ultra pseudo-scientific nomenclature of "Tonal Development Imbalance due to Differential Absorption and resultant Non-Concurrent Mass Changes"


Translated: Different reeds need different levels of moisture for different amounts of time. A bottle trap only provides a delay of that onset, not a solution. 


But once you know what your reeds like, you can plan for that, can't you? And if you can plan for that, then you know exacly how much relative humidity is needed for each reed to maximize duration of tonal pefection, and early onset of tonal perfection. Given that you have relative humidity supplied at A, you could say that the chanter likes A-C, Tenors like A-T, bass likes, A-B. 


Long winded? Yes.


TL,DR: Tube Traps SUCK. Get a real system like Bruce Hithcins system or the Ross System. 

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