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Standard Chanter.

Standard Chanter.

Developed over the better part of a year and LITERALLY 150 variations/iterations, I can confidently say that this Pipe Chanter won't let you down. Personally, I find it odd that I've had to tape down my high-G like crazy to get the perfect Piobaireachd high-G. Don't you? Well, I've gone after it pretty aggressively here, and I think I've gotten it pretty well managed. But you tell me, how do YOU like the top hand on my Chanter?

At $70 who can argue with giving it a shot?

As I said before, I printed and tested about 150 different variants/iterations, and had to scrap/toss/render unto Caesar about 149 of them before I stumbled on the right combination of throat diameter, length, hole size, and zodiac sign under which it is printed. Let me tell you, this was the most difficult project I've tackled yet.

So, you know, if anyone knows how to affordably recycle failed/undesirable prints back into usable filament, I've got about a metric TON of the stuff.

Imagine how cheap my pipes would be if I didn't have to buy filament! Just think of the possibilities!!!!

You get a bagpipe! You get a bagpipe! YOU get a bagpipe!!

By default, it's printed with an imitation ivory ball/boss/top section, and black bottom part/finger tube and bell bottom "chonk".

Custom colors are available. If you choose that option, please don't forget to send me a note that includes the special instructions on which colors you'd like, and any other points I should be sure to focus on.

Pipe on!


Anyway, it's a Chanter, pitched at 480, and it's $70. Custom colors available on request.


What else can I say?

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