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Read these comments from some of our Happy Customers!

"...Bro, the pipes have arrived...These are seriously so impressive. Like, in-person, they're so dense and strong, this is amazing!" After we both stopped giggling, I asked him what he expected..."I did not expect them to be bad in any way, but I was unprepared for how good they are. They're so solid, definitely way more strong and dense then any of the attempts I've made at printing myself."

James Moyar, the Founder and Host of the "Droning On" Podcast - I'm proud to say that James has become a good friend of mine, and I did not pay him to say that. In full disclosure, I did give him the set of pipes for his review, but placed no conditions on it whatsoever, aside from his enjoying them. By the way, everyone should listen to that Podcast. I learn something everytime I listen. Each week he'll have a person from our community (Celtic/Scottish Music and Culture), and they'll have a relaxed conversation. I was on it and we had a great time! 

"I just want to add my testimonial about the Delta sticks and stocks. I’ve played them exclusively for about three months in all kinds of weather and they just sound better and better. Others in the band remarked at how good they sound.  Our first band competition is next weekend and it’s supposed to rain. I think my Alexander Glens might stay in their case and I’ll use the 3D printed pipes instead.  Their sound quality is competition worthy..."

The 'Alexander Glens' Kyle is referring to are his 1850 Alexander Glens. You read that right. 1-8-5-0. I'm reminded of Indiana Jones when referring to the Cross of Coronado, "It belongs in a museum!" Nah, truth be told, if ever there was a player worthy of those beauties, it's Kyle. He and My teacher Jimmy Bell go way back as friends. Both are World Class Players. Kyle bought a set of my pipes to protect those priceless babies!

Kyle Johnson - Piping Instructor, Pipe Sgt. Philadelphia and District Pipe Band, Former P/M of Cameron Highlanders of Philadelphia, All-around Piping Badass.

I bought a set of Davey’s pipes several weeks ago because I couldn’t pass up the incredible price for an extra set of pipes.   Having seen a video online of these being played, I wondered, do these REALLY sound that good?

I was incredibly surprised to find that yes, they do!     The “printing” of bagpipes is a totally new concept, and clearly David Stanley is on the forefront of something really big—a solid nice-sounding pipe that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.    I can now leave my expensive blackwood pipes at home the next time I go play in a crowded bar, or the next time I need to play outdoors when it’s 20F degrees outside!   

I would most certainly recommend these pipes as a set for a beginning student, or for those who have been paying a while-  an “extra” set of pipes like mentioned above for a variety of situations where playing a $5,000 pipe is just too risky.

In a nutshell, they’re so freaking affordable I can’t see a reason NOT to own a set of these.

Kent Brodie - Celtic Nations Pipes & Drums

"Excellent product. The question "Is there a beginners bagpipe?" has been answered. Good quality, steady tone, durable and rugged. I used a set for our St. Patrick's Day marathon and had no issues. Would definitely recommend. I am impressed, sir!"

P/M Jim Nisbet - Rosie O' Grady's Pipe Band, Orlando Florida - JIm bought a set of my sticks and stocks for gigs in Florida.

"...I had unfortunately broken the tuning pin off the middle section of my bass drone because I had tripped on a sidewalk. And these were my dad's pipes, and I needed to get it repaired soon. Now, I know David from back in the day in Florida, and learned from Jim Nisbet that Dave now does repairs as well as making pipes. I got in touch about my situation and sent him a picture of my broken piece. I decided to have all the drones totally restored... He did an excellent job with everything. He repaired the damaged piece, stripped and refinished the drones, and polished the bores. He skimmed the orange off the mounts until they were white again, and applied silver leaf to the metal ferrules and drone end caps."
     "His communication with me through the process was fantastic, and his turnaround time was ahead of what I expected. His service charges were very reasonable, and I would highly recommend his professional service to anyone." - Bill Howard, Dunedin, Florida

Bill Howard - 1980 Kintail Repair and Refurbishment using 3D printed parts, scanned to be identical to the original part. 

"I was the same as you, wondering will the plastic be thick enough, will it be airtight, what will the bores look like? I can assure you that you don’t have to worry. Dave is stellar with communication, going above and beyond to answer any and all questions; his quality and personal expectations of workmanship are second to none. I’m convinced if there was an issue, he would fix it. Most of all, the price for the quality of the product, it can’t be beat and he could easily charge double, but he doesn’t. I have competed and taught for over 25 years and am a current Open/Pro Graded Piper - with competitive band experience from all level bands from Grade V to Grade I. I paid full price for one of the very first sets offered, for my son who is 11 and beginning pipes. I’ve received nothing for this review; except a great instrument!!"

Matt K. - Matt bought a set of my sticks and stocks for his son who's graduating to the big instrument.

Hey Davey, 

I just wanted to tell you how incredibly happy I am with the bagpipes you printed for my son's wedding gift. They are everything I'd hoped for, and he's excited to learn to play them. 

It's not every day your kid gets married, and I was so glad to be able to find him an affordable but VERY nice set to mark this momentous occasion. 

You were so helpful in building them to fit him, integrating our Anderson heritage in the pipes, and then even adding an extra special touch with the inscription I wanted to add. I could not be happier with this purchase. Thank you!

Susan Anderson

Susan Anderson - She bought Zac his Bagpipes for his Wedding Gift

"...received my first set of bagpipes the other week and, woah… these are awesome! They’re super durable, light, and beautiful looking. I was even able to get my family crest added to them. David is extremely helpful and kind. I ordered lessons from him as well. He’s super easy to talk to, and very patient. I highly recommend getting your set from him!"

Zac Lapointe - He's getting married in August and his mum bought him a set of my pipes as a wedding gift!

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